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Material and Design

All DooFlex underwater air lift bags are made with High Tenacity Polyester Fabric/Nylon coated with highly abrasion resistant PVC/PU polymer compounds. This kind material are resistant to direct contact with Chemicals.

All seams shall be constructed using radio frequency welding rado frequency welding. The resulting seam strength of all welds shal be greater than the strength of the parent fabric. No Guling shall be used anywhere on the bag.  The high duty air lift bags are reinforced externally polyester webbing lifting straps.

For each type product and each application area, our engineers made the most reasonable configured and function desgin based on the abundant practical experience. From the choose of PVC/TPU coated fabric, to the equipment of each webbing harness, air inlet bass valves, pressure relief valves, we considered almost all the conditions. Herewith, our products can the most convenient and effective usage with the lowest cost.

To get more detailed technical parameter of material, please contact with us.