Chinese Professional Leading Manufacturer of Underwater Lifting Bags & Load Test Water Weight Bag
All Underwater Lifting Bags are made completely comply with IMCA D016. Water load bags are made comply with LEEA 051. Carried out in accordance with ISO9001.

  • Totally Enclosed Air Lift Bags
    Totally Enclosed Type Lift Bags (Salvage Tube) is one kind effective alternative of Open Bottom Parachute type lifting bags. They can be used for supporting static loads in shallow water and on the surface, pontoons for bridges, floating platforms, dock gates and military equipment.
  • Open Bottom Air Lift Bags
    Open Bottom Parachute Type Lift Bags is designed with water drop shaped units used for supporting and lifting loads from any depth. Its single point attachment is ideal for lightening underwater structures such as pipes, their main application is for lifting sunken objects and other loads from the seabed to the surface.
  • Water Filled Weight Bags
    DooFlex proof loading test water weight bags is designed for the proof load testing for the crane, lifeboat davit, beam, derrick, overhead crean, and other lifting equipments and structures. Water Weight Bags provide one kind innovative load testing solution with the advantages of Safety, Simple, Economy.
  • Lifeboat Testing Water Bags
    Lifeboat Proof Load Test Water Bags System is used to apply an evenly distributed load to a lifeboat, or any other object that require evenly distributed proof loaded, such as crew bastes, gangways. This system can be easily handled or transported.